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  • X = Sweedler, Alan R.
AIC criterion for mode selection in optimal averaging and interpolation of climate data
Application of the Rayleigh-FFT technique to topographic corrections in magnetotellurics
Assessment of industry participation in U.S. Department of Energy user facilities and proposed marketing efforts to increase engagement with the fusion energy industry
Boat Engine Noise Induces Physiological Stress and Reduces Predation Risk in Coastal Marine Fish
Design, construction, and initial testing of a lab-scale metal-alloy thermal energy storage system for concentrated solar power applications
Design, construction, and initial testing of a solar simulator and lab-scale small particle solar receiver
Geology of the Agua Caliente region, southeast Sierra San Pedro Martir, Baja California, Mexico
Global governance and diplomacy solutions for counterfeit medicines
Hilber-Huang transform applications to environmental datasets : snow cover and ice cover
Hilbert-Huang Transform applications and computational science development for the Spectral Optimal Gridding of Precipitation
Power and efficiency analysis of a solar central receiver combined cycle plant with a small particle heat exchanger receiver
Statistical inferences of climate regimes and extremes since 1895 using the monthly USHCN data
Thermal Energy Storage For Low Grade Heat In The Organic Rankine Cycle