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A high resolution paleoseismic study in the southern San Jacinto fault zone, Imperial Valley, California
A tri-space interface for exploring multispectral and multitemporal imagery
An evaluation of potential lateral saltwater intrusion in the Ocotillo-Coyote Wells groundwater basin, Imperial County, California
Analysis of historic and pre-historic slip on the Elsinore fault at Glen Ivy Marsh, Temescal Valley, Southern California
Automated image registration of airborne images for near real time change detection
Automated near real-time image registration
Border porosity and landscape characteristics : a GIS-based approach for segmenting the US -- Canada Border
Chronology, morphology, and deformation of the marine terraces on San Clemente Island, California
Climate and climate change and infectious disease risk in Thailand: a spatial study of dengue hemorrhagic fever using GIS and remotely-sensed imagery
Climate change impacts to a high altitude lake in the Indian Himalaya
Climate-driven coastal morphodynamics along Southeast Queensland, Australia
Disease and home range analysis of Southern Mule Deer
Disturbance-induced trophic niche shift in ground beetles in restored tallgrass prairies
Dynamics of water availability in aridland agriculture
Evaluating differences in riparian vegetation in semi-arid watersheds of San Diego County
Evaluation of hydraulic and hydrogeochemical parameters of a deep fracture groundwater system in the area of Cuyamaca-Julian, San Diego County, California
Evidence of prehistoric earthquakes on the Superstition Hills Fault, Southern California and a holocene slip rate of the San Andreas Fault at Gorman Creek, Southern California
Geology of the eastern San Felilpe Hills, Imperial Valley, California: Implications for wrench faulting in the southern San Jacinto fault zone
Geology, petrology, geochemistry and isotopic character of the Indian Hill pluton, Jacumba Mountains, California
Image classification approaches for mapping Arundo donax along the San Diego River using high spatial resolution imagery