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"I definitely did not report it when I was raped...#WeBelieveChrsitine #MeToo": A content of analysis of disclosures of sexual assault on Twitter
"You stay, no matter how bad": Women voice the trajectory of marital disaffection
738 days and a wake up: An autoethnograpic investigation of being a woman inmate
A scary world: Contextual level effects on implicit perceptions of threat
Aggression in response to social rejection: Groups vs. individuals
An analysis of relational maintenance and conflict in geographically distanced sibling relationships
Calling at work: Relationship to engagement, job satisfaction, and turnover intent
Cancer may cause sarcasm: The use of sarcasm during oncology interviews
College, roommates, and cohabitation: An understanding of roommate relationships, stress, and coping as explained through the transactional model of stress and coping
Cultural orientation and privacy management: An examination of intra-ethnic same-sex friendships
Differences in internet usage among adolescents based on demographic factors
Expressions of Affection and Tie Signs in Interracial and Intraracial Romantic Relationships
Gender differences in sexual violence victimization and acknowledgement on a college campus
Impoliteness in computer mediated communication
Improve Disaster Communication in Online and Offline Communities Using Social Media (Twitter) and Big Data
I’m still standing: Native Spanish speakers’ perceptions of support messages received in Spanish and English
Laughter and the laws of attraction: investigating laughter and attraction during initial interaction
Lying through one's tweets: How false rumors deter public compliance during crises
Mindfulness and communication apprehension: Examining the relationship between the FFMQ and the PRCA-24
Reconceiving economic man