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A cell-based assay that monitors proteolytic cleavage events at the cell surface
A cellular assay to monitor proteolytic activity of Dengue virus protease on host proteins
A cellular based assay to monitor the cleavage of the extracellular matrix by matrix metalloproteinases as a tool for drug discovery against metastasis
An expression system for antibody and engineered kinases using insect cell suspension cultures
Applying machine learning to detect somatic structural variation in bulk whole genome sequencing
Assessment of UCH-L3 substrate selectivity using engineered ubiquitin fusions
Computational approaches to explore the correlation between protein stability and protein structure
Design of metal-controlled protein-protein interactions
Development of a cell-based assay for the discovery of novel protease inhibiters for Zika virus
Hypoxia prevents mitochondrial dysfunction and senecence in human
IDH1 mutations and the effects on cell migration
In vitro generation of dentate gyrus-like organoids
Intersection of genotype and phenotype: Informing ecotype development
Modeling stability of epithelial cell acini structures
Modeling the mechanical deformation of an acini structure
New fluorescent tricyclic cytosine derivatives and prodrug chemistry
Pim1 promotes survival of cardiomyocytes by upregulating c-kit expression
Purification and reconstitution of Ras and RAF Signaling on a supported lipid bilayer
Role of ATF6ß as a mediator of cardiac myocyte viability and survival
Role of almonds in physical performance