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  • X = Smarandache, Roxana N.
An overview of the Buchmann-Williams cryptographic system
Analysis and simulation of wireless OFDM communications
Applications of Reed-Solomon codes on optical media storage
Cascading Style Sheet web tool
Comparing algorithms in rejecting unknown species in a species detection task
Converting American Sign Language to voice using RBFNN
Decoding the binary (31, 15, 8) and (47, 23, 12) quadratic residue codes beyond their error-correction capabilities
Line graphs and flow nets
On the minimum value of the discriminant of Abelian number fields of certain degrees
Quantization of a low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoder : limited-precision digital design of the sum-product algorithm (SPA) for wireless voice and video communication channels
Refinement of generalized Craig's lattices
The online homework system