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A 7000 year record of paleoearthquakes on the central Garlock fault, near El Paso Peaks, California
A probabilistic approach for assessing rock mass and volume change: Implication for the development of the Scove Canyon shear zone, Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
Assessing mass and volume changes in the Julian Schist, eastern San Diego County: Implications for pluton emplacement
Assessing the source of terrigenous detritus in the Shoo Fly Complex, Northern Sierra Nevada, California: Implications for paleozoic development of the Western North America
Comparison of brittle vs. ductile surface deformation in an Alquist-Priolo earthquake fault zone: Examples from the Helendale Fault, San Bernardino County, California
Composition of Holocene Colorado River sand: An example of mixed-provenance sand derived from multiple tectonic elements of the Cordilleran continental margin
Composition of holocene sand derived from the Peninsular Ranges, Southern California: Implications for provenance - discrimination diagrams and cretaceous tectonism
Depositional environment of the Ardath Shale, San Diego, California
Estimates of mass and volume change for the Jurassic Cuyamaca Reservoir gneiss within the aureole of the Cretaceous La Posta pluton: Peninsular Ranges batholith, California
Geochemical and lead isotopic constraints on the source origin of the Harper Creek gneiss from the Cuyamaca-Laguna Mountains shear zone, Peninsular Ranges batholith of Southern California
Holocene sandstone petrofacies in a transtensional rift system, Salton Basin, California: Implications for climatic-discrimination models
Late quaternary activity of the San Miguel Fault, Northern Baja California, Mexico
Late quaternary uplift gradient along the Sierra Madre-Cucamonga fault zone, Central Transverse Ranges, Southern California: Evidence from alluvial fan and soil morphology
Linked normal fault system of the western Niger Delta--implication for sediment and reservoir distribution
Magnetotelluric modeling of the Valles Caldera, New Mexico
Neotectonics of the left-lateral Santa Rosa Island fault, western Transverse Ranges, Southern California
Paleoseismology of the central Elsinore fault in Southern California: Results from three trench sites
Petrology and emplacement of the Morena Reservoir pluton, San Diego County, California
Polyphase deformation in the Lower Paleozoic Lang sequence, northern Sierra Nevada, California