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A priority based MAC protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)
An Archimedean spiral antenna with dielectric loading providing directional radiation patterns using a novel shape 3D printed ground structure
Conductive inkjet printed ultra-wideband (UWB) planar monopole antenna on low-cost flexible Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) substrate material
Designing an electro-magnetic simulator for extraction of material properties of FR 4 and low-loss materials
Development of a monolithic sub-micron precision linear-motion mechanism
Development of a photovoltaic system simulation framework: A techno-economic analysis of photovoltaic system installations for industrial facilities in Southern California
Effect of mechanical milling and current intensity on the electrically activated combustion synthesis of titanium aluminides
Hybrid solution for person following robot system
Implementing physical layer (PHY) of IEEE 802.15.4g standard with direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) using offset quadrature phase shift keying (O-QPSK)
Integration and testing of full spectrum optimized concentrating photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar system
Investigations on high impedance surface (HIS) based pattern reconfigurable antenna and cavity backed dual slant polarized massive MIMO antenna with beamforming
Kinematics-based simulation of hybrid robots on challenging terrain
Micropipeline a datapath of FFT
Modifications to and modeling of a lab-scale metal alloy thermal energy storage system
Non-intrusive current sensing with giant magnetoresistance sensors for power distribution monitoring
Numerical model of a concentrated solar power combined cycle plant with sensible thermal energy storage
On-chip implementation of feature extraction of ECOG data based on principal component analysis - FPGA demonstration
Processing of functional composites by powder deposition and spark-plasma sintering
Processing of tailored functional and structural powder-based components by spark plasma sintering
Remote sensing