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  • X = Sereno, Martin I.
Behavioral and brain activity indices of impaired cognitive control in binge drinkers
Cerebral gyrification and the cortical architecture of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Comparing domain-specific contributions to corticostriatal tracts in autism spectrum disorders
Compressed sensing simulations: Application to quantitative brain and skeletal muscle magnetic resonance imaging
Detection of tract-specific white matter compromise in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders using an automated tractography pipeline
Evaluation of conventional setup for prone breast external radiation therapy boosts
Image deconvolution using the empirical wavelet transform
Investigation of glassy carbon-graphene metamaterial-through fet and associated microstructures
Knowledge-based planning for whole breast irradiation using tangential beams
Magnetization transfer saturation imaging to monitor gender related differences in leg skeletal muscle
Modeling the extracellular environment for synthetic neural recording generation
Neural mechanisms of frustration in adolescent irritability
Neurocognitive studies of visual word recognition
Quantification of short T2* fraction and fat fraction in skeletal muscle
Quantifying the relative biological effectiveness using a DNA-based detector
Quantitative magnetization transfer to monitor age related effects in skeletal muscle
Quantitative magnetization transfer to monitor age related structural changes in calf muscle
The default mode network in autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A comparative study