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  • X = Schreiber, Ronnee D.
"We" the people: Decoding Lockean and Calvinist themes in American political nationalism
Analysis of economic welfare of Americans and the presidential honeymoon period: A pooled time series analysis
Detroit politics in a global perspective: a Marxist analysis of the 2009 Detroit mayoral primary
Girls in Discussions
Iranian women's movement: A silent protest for more rights in a repressive context
Public performances and institutional priorities : the Department of State and gender under Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton
Sex, love, and OnlyFans: How the gig economy is transforming online sex work
The Politics of Space and the Creation of the Third: A Study of the Women's Parliamentary Caucus in Pakistan
The eclipse of the American small farm : US agricultural policy and the industrial agrifood system
The politics of porn: The New York Times' portrayal of feminism, conservatives, and pornography in the Reagan era