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Apparelmart: Generating recommendations with an artificial immune system
Contribution of bacterial recombination functions versus prophage-encoded functions on genome amplifications in Salmonella enterica
Decomposing the Bacterial Communities of Coral and Algae into Stable and Sporadic Species
Detecting exaggerated rankings in online reviews
Functional prediction of hypothetical/ unknown proteins using neural networks
Functional-linear genetic programming : automatic discovery and reuse of functions through linear genetic programming
Graph Eigenvectors
Interactions of proteins and small molecules with holliday junction
K-Means Clustering with Automatic Determination of K Using a Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm with Applications to Microarray Gene Expression Data
Machine learning approaches to predicting unknown gene function
Microbes versus fish : the bioenergetics of coral reef systems
Multiclass learning on graphs : diffuse interface models and beyond
Nonequilibrium thermodynamics, microbial bioenergetics, and community ecology
Observation Of The Goos-Hanchen And Imbert-Fedorov Shifts Via Weak Measurement
Optical excitation of positronic atoms
Oxygen Optode Analysis of Coral-Algal Interactions
Parallel Computation of Functions on Set Partitions
Phenotypic MAPs : an alternative approach to measure functional diversity
Production line modeling : a simplified approach based on theory of constraints