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Age-related changes in temporal order memory
Asserting Distinctiveness Through Creative Expression: Expanding The Motivational Processes Of Uncertainty Reduction
Concepts of illness among children of different ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and genders
Contributions of behavioral impairment to executive function deficits in children and adolescents with prenatal alcohol exposure
Cultural coping in the context of maltreatment: Comparing African American, Latino, and White adolescents
Culture and cognition: The relationship between self-construals and cognitive fluency
Does ethnic diversity in neighborhood schools moderate the relationship between neighborhood-level ethnic diversity and individual implicit perceptions of national identity?
Effect of patient navigation on stress and depression in women with a breast cancer screening abnormality
Exploring the link between diversity and ethnic-American associations : a socio-cognitive perspective
Heuristics about African Americans as unique predictors of context-level implicit racial bias
Intergroup friendships : the inner workings of self-disclosure in interracial relationships between Whites and Latino/as
Just give up: A decline in psychological resiliency from past to present
Mapping the social networks of undergraduate STEM students
Modification of anxiety sensitivity and P300 using an interpretation modification program
Neutral attention training, attention control, and anxiety
Predicting multitasking performance and understanding the nomological network of polychronicity
Situational predictors and behavioral correlates of PTSD symptoms of children in foster care
Social information processing patterns in mediating the relation between maltreatment experiences and internalizing symptoms in young children
Stereotyping based on within category cues: the effect of afrocentric features and vocal femininity on judgments of competence and warmth