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Auto rectification for robotic helicopter aerial imaging
Charting in mapping
Design and implementation of hardware architectures for neural signal processing
Easy-embs: A framework for convenient and efficient implementation of subword-incorporated word embedding models
Making a flash translation layer reliability-aware (RA): an optimized strategy for wear-leveling and garbage collection
Modeling lyme disease: Autonomous, nonautonomous, and spatial systems
On modeling emergent neocortical complexity with complex adaptive systems
Pseudocodewords of LDPC Codes from the permanent and Bethe permanent and intended for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Review and numerical comparison of image superresolution algorithms
Robotic Person Following In A Crowd Using Infrared And Vision Sensors
Solving Inverse Problems By Decomposition, Classification And Simple Modeling: Extension To Ill-Conditioned Cases
Study of genetic algorithms for solving the traveling salesman problem
Using smartphone sensors for robotic person following
Who is the speaker? A learning based audio-visual approach