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Acquisition and retention of verbal information in children with and without prenatal alcohol exposure
Association between participation in psychotherapy sessions and retention on medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder
Association between the reported experience of being bullied and reported engagement in risky behaviors among military-connected youth
Awareness of legal right to language services and access to timely care in California
Behavioral and contextual factors shaping HIV risk environments among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico: implications for prevention and treatment
Binge drinking is associated with reduced EEG-based indices of emotional processing and memory retrieval
Contextual factors associated with poor provider-patient communication among Medicare beneficiaries with a usual source of care
Contributions of behavioral impairment to executive function deficits in children and adolescents with prenatal alcohol exposure
Dating violence and condom use consistency : a dyadic approach
Discriminating subtypes among children with heavy prenatal alcohol exposure : identification through behavioral disorders
Do high school environments predict college drug use patterns
Effectiveness of an attentional control training on decreasing intrusive thoughts
Effectiveness of religion and social support coping mechanisms in African American/Black and Caucasian/White college students
Effects of Parental Support on Social Work Students' Well-Being
Environmental and Socio-Behavioral Risk Factors Associated with Asthma Among Asian Women in California
Examining the relationships among interpersonal complementarity, relationship quality, and adjustment outcomes in new roommates
Exploring school- and community-level factors associated with a reduction in obesity in an elementary school district
Factors associated with method of syringe acquisition among injection drug users in San Diego
Heavy episodic drinking and academic consequences in adolescence: The mediational role of neuropsychological functioning
Homelessness and risky behavior related to blood-borne infections among injection drug users in San Diego