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  • X = Rangel-Escareño, Claudia
Bayesian joint modeling of longitudinal visual field data with correlated binary and survival outcomes
Climate data computing: Optimal interpolation, averaging, visualization and delivery
Ensemble learning methods for educational data mining applications
Large-scale inference incorporating covariates and network dependence, with application to genome-wide association studies
Mimetic Finite Differences And Parallel Computing To Simulate Carbon Dioxide Subsurface Mass Transport
Novel Random Forest And Variable Importance Methods For Correlated Survival Data, With Applications To Tooth Prognosis
Quantifying disease severity of cystic fibrosis using linear quantile mixed models
Subflow: Simulating geological storage of CO2 using mimetic operators
Who is there and what are they doing? An agile and computationally efficient framework for genome discovery and annotation from metagenomic big data