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A play on words: A journey through the world of development for cable television
An analytical critique of postmodern social movements: The ethics of compelled pronouns and epistemology of “Me, Too”
Class in space: A critical analysis of modern trends in science fiction film and television
Consumption on the frontier: an analysis of business ledgers and early San Diego's economy
Cultural Network Analysis of Spanish Colonial Settlement Patterns in San Diego, California
Documenting the American experimental tradition: a historical examination of SOURCE and soundings
Guns, sundown towns, and the multi-ethnic Old West: Nathan Harrison and firearm ownership in late 19th and early 20th century San Diego County
Location based computerized multimedia presentation of Theodore Roosevelt's life history
Microblogging the News: Who Sets the Agenda?
Perception and reality: Revisiting Richard M. Nixon's handling of the Vietnam War
Poetry Unscripted: How U.S. Inaugural Poetry and post-9/11 Poetry Should Serve to Challenge the Status Quo
Re/Generation Barrio Logan: A Place-based Audio Tour of Transitions and Continuities from 2007-2013
Reconstruction of San Diego Identities and Attitudes Through 19th and 20th Century Gravestone Symbols
Staking their claim: Resilience and resistance to American dietary exceptionalism
The State Department and the Space Race
There and Back Again: The Creation of the British Blues, and the American Blues Revival