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Bcl-2 Inhibitor Scaffolds that are Preorganized Along an Axis of Chirality; the Effect of Atropisomerism on Protein Binding
Biophysical and biochemical applications of fluorescent tricyclic cytidine for nucleic acid labeling and DNA structural dynamics
Catalytic methods for chemical biology
Chemical studies of the vinylogous mukaiyama aldol reaction and its application towards the total synthesis of lagunamide A
Coupling of two cell-based counter screens to reveal potential antivirals against Dengue virus
Development of a robust expression and purification strategy of human polymerase epsilon for future kinetic investigation
Expression, purification, and kinetic analysis of the zika viral polymerase
Gold And Copper Heteroarylphosphine Complexes And Their Reactivity
Group B Streptococcal entry into brain endothelial cells
Increasing ligand denticity as a strategy for a better water oxidation catalyst
Increasing the efficiency and utility of bifunctional alkene isomerization catalysts
Monitoring Proteolytic Cleavage of West Nile Virus Non-Structural 2B/3 Protease in the Cytosol
Part 1. progress towards an improved total synthesis of azaspirene, a powerful angiogenesis inhibitor Part 2. copper catalyzed conjugate silyl additions to enones
Qualitative case study analysis of influencing agents supporting undergraduate research experiences in chemistry and biochemistry
Selective methodologies for direct functionalization of arenes and heterocycles
Studies of the electrochemical behavior of a H-bonded host-guest complex and homodimer using cyclic voltammetry