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  • X = Ptacek, Anton D.
A petrochemical study of the Deer Lakes piemontite zone, eastern Sierra Nevada, California
A reconnaissance study of metamorphism in the Big Maria Mountains, Riverside County, California
A stratigraphic and petrographic study of an unnamed conglomerate unit near Rancho Santa Fe, California
Geologic setting of precious metals mineralization, King of Arizona District, Kofa Mountains, Yuma County, Arizona
Paleocurrent analysis of the Cretaceous Rosario Formation, Baja California, Mexico
Sedimentology of the eocene Las Palmas gravels, Baja California, Mexico
Stratigraphy and structure of the Tijuana-Rosarito Beach area, northwestern Baja California, Mexico
Structure and Stratigraphy of the Southern Sierra De Pintas, Baja California, Mexico
The geology of the Sierra de la Berruga, northwestern Sonora, Mexico
Vein and amygdule minerals, Metchosin Formation, Vancouver Island, British Columbia