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A commutative algebraic approach to Hamiltonians and graphs
A description of the NTRU cryptosystem and its cryptanalysis via the LL algorithm
A geometric approach to block monoids
Advanced file manager with multiple functions to manipulate multiple files with different formats
Charts for map objects
Concurrent Programming Patterns For Scalable Network Platform Node.Js
Constant weight words compression in the context of the mceliece cryptosystem
Density Analysis of Code Based Cryptosystems and Analysis of Goppa Key Structure
Determining dolphin species by their echolocation clicks : a study of the effects of site variability, noise, and recording equipment differences
GIS Assisted History of Middle East Empires
GIS Learning Tool for Ottoman Empire
GIS and Java Based Application on World War II
Gr ̈obner fans of 3-generator numerical semigroups
History of automobile industry
Imports and Exports of the USA
Improved user interface to display and edit multiple files and folders
Information inequalities and the inclusion-exclusion ratio
Maximal factorization length for affine semigroups in dimension 2
Multimedia Survey of Colonial India
Satellite information using MOJO