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A history of the British Museum's repatration debates of the Parthenon and Benin bronzes
Agesilaus and Lysander: A historical psychoanalysis of the dynamics of power
Black magic women: How racial and gender stereotypes shaped witch archetypes in U.S. popular culture in the long sixties
Cops & criminals : representations of masculinity in 1970s crime television
From illicit usurers to magnificent statesmen: Florence's dynamic perceptions of wealth, economics and banking from the 13th to the 15th century
Homeless, neighbors or nuisance?
Nuns, Witches, and Testators: Women's Agency and Spiritual Capital in New Spain
Old as time: Circulation of gender conceptions in Beauty and the Beast tales
Pragmatic positivism: Werner Heisenberg's philosophy of quantum mechanics
The Urban/Rural Divide In Archaic And Classical Athens Through The Fifth Century Bce: A Diachronic Approach
The dark triad as a predictor of obsessive relational intrusion
The origins of difference: Christian attitudes towards inferiority and the impacts on el sistema de castas
The sly fox and the willowy ghost: Representations of gender in Qing supernatural tales