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  • X = Paolini, Christopher P.


A comparative study of Mac protocols in brain computer interface (BCI) applications
A load balancing scheme for ebXML registries
A method for minimizing computing core costs in cloud infrastructures that host location-based advertising services
A novel AJAX user interface for telerobotic control
A priority aware buffer management scheme for H.264 video over MANET
A relational interval tree for efficient insertion and searching of transient mobile data
A rich internet application for nozzle flow structure
A service oriented cross-platform approach to perform thermodynamic calculations
A square-root Nyquist filter design using minimax optimization
Absorbing-type boundary conditions and compile-time acceleration technologies in simulating seismic wave propagation on heterogeneous geologic media
An AJAX based design and implementation of a self motivating system for student learning
An AJAX-based communication among users of a course management system
An AJAX-based editor for an online repository of engineering problems and solutions
An AJAX-based event calendar for a course management system
An HF multitone modem
An efficient hardware implementation of an energy detection-based spectral estimator for cognitive radios
An efficient location information management system (LIMS) for smartphone applications
An efficient network architecture for mobile social networking devices
Analyzing a novel mobile-to-mobile social networking communication paradigm
Analyzing and improving the QoE of an airborne wi-fi network