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A system-level approach for achieving high spatial resolution noninvasive electrical neuromodulation and extracellular neural spike detection
Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system for Maine affordable housing
An exoskeleton robotic walker to assist the elderly
Analysis and pattern identification in EEG signals using artificial neural networks
Automated image registration of airborne images for near real time change detection
Boosting random write performance of enterprise flash storage systems
Characterization of impedance properties of a conductive electrospun polymer biopotential electrode with porous fiber arrays
Current-activated reactive synthesis and electro-combustion forging of nickel-based intermetallic composites
Design of an error concealment scheme for H.264 AVC video bitstream
Detection of a Driver's Eye Blinks and Brain Wave in Different Scenarios by EEG to Measure Drowsiness
Development of a real time EEG processing system
Electrography (EOG) signal pattern identification using the Procrustes method
Energy efficiency in indoor internet of things systems for human activity detection
Extraction and analysis of respiratory motion using wearable inertial sensor network
Fabrication and characterization of flexible and porous biopotential electrodes via powder metallurgy
Fabrication of multi-layered, freestanding, SU-8 structures using a buried photoresist mask method
High availability queuing system
High pressure spark plasma sintering followed by electric annealing of AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy
Image edge detection using ant colony optimization algorithm
Leveraging resonance for amplitude amplification in polyurea-based polymer-polymer composites