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Acculturation, years of residency, and obesity in Arab American minorities
Beyond the burka: Tracing the semiotic value of clothing from Pre-Monarchy to Post-Revolutionary Period in 20th century Iran
Continuum of secular state policies : Senegal, Tunisia, and Algeria
Disincorporation patterns of Lebanon and Jordan : the case of Palestinian refugees
Feminism in "the West" on social movements in "the rest" : a discourse analysis of feminist publications, Ms., Jezebel, and Bitch, regarding the Arab uprisings of 2011
Licit and illicit sexuality in medieval Iberia : a survey of Las siete partidas
Role of language exposure in learning L2: Persian learners of English in English vs. non-English speaking environments
Saudi students in USA
The Interpersonal is Political: Contesting and Negotiating Patriarchy Within the Chaldean Community
The nutrition transition among adolescent females in Jordan
The social impact and academic advancement of young bilingual language brokers and their ability to mediate
The transmission of contraceptive knowledge from Greece and Rome to the Islamic world and back again