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A rhetorical approach to teaching children's literature
Al Taqwa Bank
An exploratory study of the indicators of trafficking in online female ads
Analysis of cultural influences of Southeast Europe: Macedonia and Sandzak
Assessing the command and control capabilities of "Taliban senior leadership" participating in intra-Afghan negotiations to end the Afghan insurgency
Beyond the burka: Tracing the semiotic value of clothing from Pre-Monarchy to Post-Revolutionary Period in 20th century Iran
Creating university-led private and public partnerships to assist nation-building efforts in South Sudan
Cultural narratives embedded in state-sponsored language arts education under authoritarian regimes: Observations from Indonesia's Soeharto era
Czech resistance to German occupation, 1939-1945 : a case study of decentralized networks engaged in irregular warfare
Defense industry merger subsidization during the 1990s
Drug education for the next generation: What is effective to resolve illicit substance use by adolescents?
Enhancing Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) through web services
Ethos Building in the Digital Realm: A Practical Guide to Digital Portfolios
Habeas corpus: Empowerment of the Supreme Court and national security implications
How meme propaganda outmaneuvers the American legal system and social media companies
Institutional ethos
Institutionalizing extremism: Ideological warfare at the crossroads of Soviet revolution theory and Islamic feudalism
Language and nation: an analysis of Croatian linguistic nationalism
Material representation: Narco religiosity in new American conception
Messages in murals: A rhetorical analysis of the Chicano Park murals