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  • X = Ochoa, Alberto M.
A theoretical approach on education, inequality, and critical pedagogy
An analysis of the role of first language in second language acquisition
An investigation of the interrelationship of selected variables for assessing the reclassification of limited-English proficient students
Bilingual oral reading miscues of Hispanic learning disabled and non-learning disabled fourth, fifth and sixth grade students: Implications for transition into English reading
Deconstructing the Colonial Mentality and Ethnic Identity of Filipinos: An Exploratory Study of Second Generation Filipinos
Educational investment and the 3×1 Program in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico
Evaluation of the T.O.D.A.Y. Project: The impact of a diabetes and obesity school-based prevention program on the behavior and knowledge of 5th grade students
Examining the role of social and cultural capital in Latino parents access of a college-going culture
Giving voice to parents: the power of a few -- an exploratory case study of an urban school district through one critical event
Impact of biculturalism on self-efficacy and cognitive flexibilty of Japanese adults
Language policy and access for English learners pedagogy, outcomes, and accountability
Latino parental access to biliteracy programs in selected Latino-majority schools based on the Castañeda guidelines: Exploratory study
Linguistically disenfranchised students : systemic silencing within the academic world and counternarratives of possibilities
Sacred purpose: Indigenous teachings informing pedagogy of the eagle and the condor
Satisfaction with teaching as a job and as a career
The intentionality of critical pedagogical teachers in public schools : passion, constraints, and contradictions
The role of the school district in Improving educational opportunities and outcomes for adolescent English language learners
Transfronteriz@ young adults who used knowledge, strategies and talents to navigate across the Tijuana-San Diego Border region in pursuit of a high school education