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A generalization of Gelfand's question to an arbitrary base
A look at the special number field sieve using ideals as implementable in the magma computational algebra software system
A study of low density parity-check codes using systematic repeat-accumulate codes
Algebraic integers, class groups, class numbers, and block monoids
An algorithmic solution to the representation problem for definite binary quadratic forms
An exploration of proposed algorithms for use over the subspace metric in the scope of network coding theory
An interactive history and geography of Mexico using map objects for Java
Android application for library resource access
Building a web content management system
Burrows-Wheeler Aligner : a parallel approach
Collaborative search of universities for MS in the southwestern US
Construction of dense lattice packings in prime dimensions
Convert SDO_GEOMETRY Objects to ESRI Shapefiles
Decoding of the (31,15,8) and (41,20,10) quadratic residue codes beyond their error correcting capabilities
Edges, loops, and hypercubes: An exploration of the topological structure of graphs in numerical semigroup theory
Email based FAQ web application
Expected behavior of randomly selected numerical semigroups
Factoring polynomials In numerical semigroup algebras
GIS Based Application Tool - History of East India Company
Graduate advisor and faculty appointment system - SDSU