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  • X = Nosseir, Nagy S.
Computation of a normal shock wave propagating through a particle cloud of varying shape
Computational modeling of flow and combustion in a Couette channel simulating microgravity
Computational study of cardiac blood flow during ventricular filling with Fluent
Current activated processing of milled aluminum and single matrix aluminum Carbon Nanotube (CNT) composites
Current activated reactive spin casting NiTi
Current-activated melt infiltration of carbon nanotube pre-forms and post processing powder evolution
Eulerian-Eulerian model for computation of a 2-D compressible particle-laden flow
Experimental Study On The Use Of Synthetic Jet Actuators For Lift Control
Flow reactor fluid dynamic modeling and experimentation to produce submicron carbon particles
Heat Transfer Analysis of a Lab Scale Solar Receiver Using the Discrete Ordinates Model
Open-Source In-Vitro NeuroMEMS Hardware Platform for Transmission of Neural Signals Recorded Using a Novel ECoG Microsensor Array
Polymethylmethacrylate Combustion In A Narrow Channel Apparatus Simulating A Microgravity Environment
The virtual gournd fence : a micro-strip filtering method implemented into power filter design