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Cambodian Americans : a study in struggle
Heidegger and death: A response to Edwards
How to live in a post-apocalyptic world: Apocalyptic theory and cultural studies
Ladder to the Moon
Manufactured Latina/o: Perceptions of Latinas/os within U.S. primetime television from 1950s to 2000s
Manufacturing a gendered Nigeria: Academic discourse at the University of Ibadan, 1948-1977
Revenge of the Blerds: Negotiating the intersecting identities of ordinary, human, non-superpowered Black nerds
Sci-fi anxiety - 1980's American cultural tension in ender's game and neuromancer as an investigation
Secret Psychological Revelations of Dolphins in Captivity
The Problem of Evil and Animal Suffering: An Objection to Theism
The Wilson 2008 campaign: Vision and action
The importance of horror  : how horror films reduce anxiety toward societal fears
The magic of language and the language of magic
The right to the border
The undead ingestion of the self : cannibalistic identity formation and ghoulish subjectivity in zombie literature
Unmasking identities :  superhero representations of Asian Americans in graphic narratives
Utopias and dystopias : the rights and privileges of citizens in (Dys)functional nation-states
Winter of our cultural discontent  : American anarchists and the assault of traditional genres