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  • X = Morsi, Khaled B.


A comprehensive nonlinear mathematical modeling of smart flow distribution network
A constitutive law for the pulmonary valve leaflet tissue
A geometric model of the human aortic valve and design of closure prostheses
A journey through the lattice
A novel wideband stepped impedance filter for suppression of common-mode noise in differential lines
A quantitative analysis of supplier quality in the engineer-procure-construct industry
A reconfigurable hardware implementation for the principal component analysis
An analysis of process vs. inspection capabilities in fabricated, engineered-to-order supply chains
An efficient and reconfigurable hardware architecture for narrow bandwidth low-pass and polyphase recursive filters
An efficient hardware implementation of delayed signals
Aquatic vertebrate locomotion and its application to wind turbine blade design
Automated porosity detection in powder-based additive manufactured parts using machine learning and machine vision
BID packaging decisions in construction projects
Case study of material buffer performance in a construction project
Characterization and mapping of 3D printed polymers using combined terahertz imaging
Component matching for ultra-low grade thermal energy recovery operating in Organic Rankine Cycle
DNA Molecular Wire-Based Nanoelectronics: New Insight and High Frequency AC Electrical Characterization
Design of intelligent sensor network to optimize health care resources
Determining electroless nickel deposition rates in-situ
Development of a monolithic sub-micron precision linear-motion mechanism