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3-D printing of magnetic field responsive biomimetic structures
3-Dimensional compact disc (CD) microfluidic platform
A closed loop brain computer interface system: Hardware implementation
A high data rate wireless brain computer interface
A low power communication protocol for physiological sensors
A real time closed loop brain computer interface system
A system-level approach for achieving high spatial resolution noninvasive electrical neuromodulation and extracellular neural spike detection
Aluminum nitride foam production from milled aluminum-titanium hydride powder using microwave radiation
Ambient sensor based respiratory rate sensing system
Bionanotronics: On The Microfabrication Of Electrodes For The Examination Into The Nature Of Current Transduction Through Deoxyribonucleic Acids
Building an energy-efficient network for wildlife observation
Characterization of mechanical properties of soft tissues using sub-microscale tensile testing
Combined Textured Rolling - Current Activated Combustion Synthesis of Ni/Ti Interfaces
Current activated processing of milled aluminum and single matrix aluminum Carbon Nanotube (CNT) composites
Current activated reactive spin casting NiTi
DSP Based Phase Lock Loops for Carrier and Timing Recovery at Low Signal to Noise Ratio
Design of wireless EMG and its use in the classification of finger movements
Drain Casting and Combustion Synthesis of Textured Ni-Ti Interfaces
Effects of dead space loading on exercise tolerance and locomotor fatigue
Effects of melt temperature and melt thickness on a novel thick-film coating process