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  • X = Moberly, Raymond B.
A dose comparison of the posterior fossa between photon radiation therapy and proton radiation therapy for medulloblastoma
An electronics laboratory for teaching circuit analysis and instrumentation
Automated DIR for HDR cervical cancer brachytherapy
Construction of dense lattice packings in prime dimensions
Cybersecurity: Challenging rhetoric to identify the future of defensive and offensive measures against defined threat actors
Effect of buffer solution and concentration of plasmid DNA on strand breaks induced by ionizing radiation
Effects of simulation parameters in the estimation of nanodosimetric quantities calculated with track-structure Monte Carlo
Emulating two-level quantum systems using coupled LC oscillators
Exploring aqueous solutions of dna using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Exploring dynamically-driven coupled LC oscillators as an experimental, semiclassical analog of a two-level atom
Optical trapping with vortex beams
Towards accurate dose accumulation in HDR cervical cancer brachytherapy