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Advances in W-Cu: New powder systems
Agricultural-waste biomass for high-surface area structures via nano-material synthesis and spark plasma sintering
An investigation of partial isolation of short bridge columns
Analysis of OFDM MIMO
Auction based resource allocation in WiMAX
Crunchy matter : the role of fabric evolution on the constrained compaction of a brittle porous medium
Design, construction, and initial testing of a solar simulator and lab-scale small particle solar receiver
Electrical characterization of three dimensional DNA-based bionanoelectronics platforms
Experimental characterization and numerical modeling of thermal and electrochemistry effects in 3D bionanoelectronics platform
Geometric characterization and optimization of 3D organic flexible solar cells
Haar based orthogonal signals for ultra wide band pulse generation design and performance analyses
Influence of Coriolis force on DNA molecule migration and hybridization in compact disk (CD) microfluidics platforms
Numerical modeling of DNA hybridization in electronically active microarrays with partial match and mismatch kinetics
Prediction of protein coding regions in DNA sequences using the Stockwell Transform
Processing of functional composites by powder deposition and spark-plasma sintering
Pulsatile Flow in the Aorta of the LVAD Supported Heart Studied Using Particle Image Velocimetry
Real-Time analysis of the biomechanics of nitinol staples
Scaling-up of new generation of 3D flexible organic solar cells
Simulation of geometry and shadow effects in 3D organic polymer solar cells
Simulation of physical layer impairments on communication system