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Abdul Rasul Sayyaf: His path to radical Islam, rise to power, and significance in current and future Afghan politics
Al Taqwa Bank
Argumentation and persuasion in the American Christian church: An anatomy of paradigm-shifting cultural rhetoric
Captivation of a Nation
Czech resistance to German occupation, 1939-1945 : a case study of decentralized networks engaged in irregular warfare
Eichmann and Bin Laden : extraterritorial abduction and targeted killing as tools of national security
Exploratory data analysis of longitudinal data: Design and implementation of a tri-space solution
Foundations of cognitive states
Inciting Violence: A Statistical Review of Violent Rhetoric
Islamist radicalization in the United States and the influence of Western jihadist ideologues
Monitoring cropping systems in California's Imperial Valley using a tri-space approach
Spies like us : a comparison of infiltrating networked terrorist organizations versus foreign intelligence services
Street gangs as decentralized criminal networks? The case of the 18th street gang
The Anbar Awakening: A guide to understanding the descent of Islamic fundamentalists
The effects of terrorism on the global theme park industry
The possibility of democratization in North Korea
The virtue of human smuggling: The underground railroad in criminological perspective
Trade, Security, and the Modern State: An Analysis on the Reemergence of Mercantilism
Two Koreas: Economic disparity between South and North Korea
Webeaucracy: the collaborative revolution