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  • X = McGuire, Kathleen L.
Assessment of potential biomarkers for detecting immune-mediated drug-induced liver injury in the modified lymphocyte transformation test
Atropisomeric Benzamides and Pedagogy in Undergraduate Organic Chemisry
Bacteriophage interactions within the human mucosal immune system
Breast cancer recurrence risk based on reproductive and hormonal factors in early stage patients
Characterization of host-pathogen Interactions of Group B streptococcus within the female reproductive tract
Cytotoxic effects of novel small molecules on PC3 prostate cancer cells
Design and Synthesis of Macrocyclic Peptides with Anti-Cancer Potency
Developing novel tools that can target and bind to the WNT receptor frizzled 7 (FZD7)
Development of a robust expression and purification strategy of human polymerase epsilon for future kinetic investigation
Effect of holliday junction binding peptides on the prostate cancer cell lines
Importance of a conserved pleckstrin homology (PH) domain motif in Itk mediated T cell signaling
Metagenomic analysis uncovers strong relationship between periodontal pathogens and vascular dysfunction in American Indian population
Monitoring proteolytic cleavage of a membrane metalloproteinase on the cell surface with a cell-based assay
Mycardial Ischemia Sets The Stage For Mitochondrial Biogenesis By Degrading Paris
Perturbation of autophagy by basic lipophilic compounds: correlation of LC3 and p62 abundance employing U2OS-GFP cells
Proton-coupled electron transfer in a three hydrogen bond DDA array capable of binding an AAD guest
Role of Cyclophilin D as a tumor suppressor: Importance of mitochondrial quality control
The development of screening tools for the evaluation of potential ITK inhibitors