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A metacognition-based approach to improve HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders among substance users
A prospective investigation of youth alcohol experimentation and reward responsivity
Adolescent alcohol use and fMRI BOLD response: A longitudinal study
Age-related changes in spatial pattern separation
Age-related changes in spatial pattern separation: Is there increased vulnerability among APOE E4 positives?
Age-related differences on a new test of temporal order memory for everyday tasks
An exploration of memory performance in amnestic mild cognitive impairment and premanifest Huntington's disease using the CVLT-II
Attention networks in autism spectrum disorders : a study using resting state functional connectivity and the attention network test
Characterizing reading ability in children with prenatal alcohol exposure
Choline intervention in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Examining the utility of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment and mini mental state exam in Huntington's disease: A longitudinal comparison
Heterogeneity in normal neurocognition: A latent profile analysis of the expanded Halstead-Reitan battery normative dataset
Influence of alcohol on cognitive functioning and neural functional connectivity in adolescents
Modifications to the CVLT-II recognition discriminability indices to enhance the characterization of recognition memory impairment in healthy aging and neurodegenerative disease
Neural correlates of taste and pleasantness evaluation in metabolic syndrome : An fMRI study
Paths to characterizing typical and atypical bilingual language development
Performance of Japanese Americans on selected cognitive instruments
Self-Generation of Prospective Memory in HIV-Infected Methamphetamine Users
Set Shifting In Anorexia Nervosa: An Examination Of Cognitive Flexibility After Recovery
Sleep and neurobehavioral outcomes in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders