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  • X = Martinez, Lourdes S.
A data-driven study of random graphs & social networks intended for the department of mathematics and statistics
Getting past the past: Psychological therapy as a means of coping with past interparental conflict
Hashtags, tweets and movie receipts : social media analytics in predicting box office hits
IMPACCTS©: The development of the interactive media package for the assessment of communication and critical thinking-short version
Messages from near or far: A nutritional message design experiment targeting freshman college students
Organizing persuasive appeals for organ donation : a study of evidence and prospect effects on organ donation messages
Relational uncertainty in friends with benefits relationships : negotiating uncertainty reduction strategies when romantic interest develops
Six years of silence reclaiming agency through rape disclosure
Sources and sentiments of e-cigarettes among Twitter users
The dark triad as a predictor of obsessive relational intrusion
The digipolitical animal: Investigating the memetic diffusion of political messages on Twitter
To Seek or Not to Seek?: An Analysis of Information Management and Patient Satisfaction in the Context of Mental Health