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  • X = Malouf, Robert P.
A corpus-driven, keyword-centered approach to lexical bundles in grade comments
A maximum entropy approach to Japanese zero subject antecedent detection
A test case for relevance theory: The cognitive underpinnings of emphatic "do"
Analysis and debugging of OEM's
Assessing the temporal behavior of semantic neologisms in comparison to lexical neologisms
Attraction-based interference in the comprehension of gender agreement in Spanish
Cloud computing technologies overview and comparison -- "Microsoft Azure vs Amazon EC2"
Comparing mobile platforms
Corpus-based methods for the unsupervised grading of short answer questions
Domain-specific sentiment analysis of firm brand
Educational tool for Charniak's marker-passing algorithm
Human Evaluation on Statistical Machine Translation
Implementation of DTW algorithm for application security
Importing knowledge base information into distributional word vectors
Modeling human phonotactic judgments using classifiers
Morphological variability in Spanish heritage speakers' comprehension of noun-adjective gender agreement
Online Portal for San Diego County
Performance and scene
Tayyib ( طيب) : A corpus-based approach
The classification of SB277 and temporally-varied Twitter data