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500 year rupture history of the Imperial fault at the international border through analysis of faulted Lake Cahuilla sediments, carbon-14 data, and climate data
An invasive alga as a potential subsidy disruptor in beach wrack-associated assemblages
Assessing the Rose Canyon Fault Zone architecture, downtown San Diego, California: Geotechnical data synthesis
Cranial anatomy and systematics of the extinct River Dolphin parapontoporia and reconstrucution of ancestral habitat of odontocete cetaceans
Determining radiocarbon reservoir-corrections for freshwater mollusks from ancient Lake Cahuilla, Imperial County, California
Disentangling the effects of habitat characteristics and predation on red algae-associated invertebrate assemblages
Ecophysiology of a non-native alga: Effects of abiotic conditions on invasion success of sargassum horneri
Hello darkness: Light adaptations in red algae reinforce patch dynamics in temperate reef communities
Nonlinear waves in density stratified fluids over underwater topography
Paleoseismology of the Imperial Fault at the U.S.-Mexico Border, and correlation of regional lake stratigraphy through analysis of oxygen/carbon isotope data
Spatiotemporal variation in demersal micropedators on temperate rocky reefs and their impacts on fish swimming performance
Speaking for the understory: Quantifying the loss of benthic production on temperate rocky reefs
The provenance, sedimentology, and stratigraphy of the Table Mountain Formation
Understanding impacts of changing sea surface temperatures on foraging of a north Pacific pinniped (zalophus californianus)