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A new software project management tool
An alternative data structure to line sweep algorithm
An analysis of bacterial growth kinetics: the tradeoff between the growth rate and yield, and their effects in the environment
An exploration into using ferromagnetic material and input current for maximizing uses of electron spin
An investigation on evolution of an artificial intelligence based player in Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
Assembling a transcriptome and reference genome for two ascidia species towards investigating the evolution of peripheral nervous system development
Atmospheric resonance waves over the Sea of Cortés: An experimental case study
Basic automatic code refractoring by a parser tool
Characterization of Group B Streptococcus vaginal niche establishment
Characterization of host-pathogen Interactions of Group B streptococcus within the female reproductive tract
Computational and mathematical modeling of coupled superconducting quantum interference devices
Deadlock detection and recovery in Linux
Directed ratchet transport of matter-wave solitons in a horizontally vibrating potential
Dynamics and Bifurcations in Coupled Bistable Systems with Applications to Engineering Devices
Evaluating eelgrass (Zostera marina) site quality by the settlement, performance, and survival of a marine fish
Gene targeting in Ciona intestinalis via zinc finger nuclease mediated homologous recombination
Identification of OsSPX1 interacting proteins and their function in low temperature tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
Introduction of non-linear models for characterization of shape and deformation statistics : application to contractility assessment of enzymatically isolated adult cardiocytes
Magnetotelluric imaging of the subsurface beneath the EMSLAB Lincoln Line in western Oregon
Mathematical modeling of Listeria monocytogenes