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  • X = Müller, Ralph Axel
Assessing predictive ability of dynamic time warping functional connectivity for ASD classification
Cerebral blood flow and BOLD signal change during auditory stimulation in children an arterial spin labeling study
Comparison Of Methodologies For Creation Of White Matter Fiber Tract Atlases
Development and plasticity of dorsal and ventral visual functions insights from behavioral and FMRI investigations of bilateral spastic cerebral palsy
Early emotion dysregulation and its neural correlates in toddlers with autism spectrum disorders
Event representation and verb learning: integrating brain and behavioral development
Implicit socioemotional modulation of working memory brain activity in schizophrenia
Investigating developmental neuroplasticity after early brain injury: a diffusion tensor imaging study
Maternal body odor and imitation in autism
Novel random forest methods and algorithms for Autism Spectrum disorders research
Quantifying brain network abnormalities in children with autism spectrum disorders
The effect of a novel label on path recognition within an event
The relationship between brain development and spoken narrative in typical developing children and in children with high functioning autism
Up, down, over, under: Toddlers' ability to extract a familiar path from a multi-path event