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A dynamic story map for the Italian study abroad program
A thin client application to visualize database performance
Creating university-led private and public partnerships to assist nation-building efforts in South Sudan
Developing a social networking portal for language learning, communicative competence and cultural awareness
Distressed mothers: An investigation of the representation and treatment of refugees within their host countries through media and literature
E-siksha : distance education tool
Electronic newsletter for global connections
Enhanced Mapping Application for SDSU Study Abroad Program
Facilitating research with learner data in online speaking test
Generation and analysis of finite monoids with an emphasis on syntactic monoids
Geometric algorithm demonstration suite
Globalizing of technology module in contextualized language instruction
Implementation of interactive learning capabilities via electronic story book and communicative blogs
Internationalizing the CAST language screening tool
Joining mapping software and cultural reflections
LARC iPhone for language learning through social networking
LARC resource library
Language learning spaces
Map based teacher credentialing in the United States -- client side
Map based teacher credentialing in the United States -- server side