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A cell-based assay to monitor the proteolytic activity of the chikungunya virus capsid protein to facilitate antiviral discovery
A comparative analysis of three clinical data management systems across seven major categories
A computational model of mucus
A computational pipeline for novel phage discovery in metagenomic samples
A stochastic algorithm for predicting long term cell migration in a 3D polymer matrix
A stochastic model for collective cell migration in realistic 3D extracellular matrix environments
Analysis of bacteriophage motion through a non-static medium
Bam scripts: Tools for retrieving data from the sequence read archive and analysis with read mapping
Bridging the genomic gaps: Genome-scale metabolic network tools for bioinformatics analyses
Characterization and manipulation of the colonic microbiome in a mouse model of colon cancer
Computational methods to analyze complex metagenomic data
Coral reef geometry wars : using coral geometry to predict coral competitive outcomes
Coupling of two cell-based counter screens to reveal potential antivirals against Dengue virus
Dietary antimicrobials and prophage inducers - towards landscaping of the human gut microbiome
Exploring the virome of carcharhinid shark skin
Functional prediction of hypothetical/ unknown proteins using neural networks
Genetic and phenotypic analysis of Gammaproteobacteria
Genomic features and adaptations of coral reef associated flavobacteriia
Improving nuclear density functional theory predictions with an artificial neural network
Improving nuclear mass predictions using machine learning algorithms