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A numerical investigation of radiation feedback in different regimes of opposed-flow flame spread
Al-doped zinc oxide waveguides at the epsilon near zero spectral point
An acoustophoresis-based microfluidics platform for cell isolation
An unsteady analysis of turbine nozzle air jet flow control with stator-rotor interaction and a comparison of Ansys solvers for a steady state turbine nozzle flow
Application of validated radiation model in flame spread rate over solid fuels
Computational modeling and investigation for external aerodynamic analysis of a high-performance sports vehicle
Cost effective way of 3D printing metal-ceramic composites with fused deposition
Design, microfabrication, and characterization of a bismuth based sensor for healthy metals in drinking water
Effect of nickel particle sizes on electrically activated reaction synthesis (ears) of 3NI-AL-CNT composite
Effect of oxygen concentration on flame spread over thin fuels in different regimes: A numerical investigation
Experimental and computational investigation of thermal radiation emitted by downward spreading flame over thermally thin solid fuels
Experimental control of ignition and flame spread
Experimental investigation of the influence of spread rate and burn angle on the burning rate of PMMA
Experimental measurements of pmma combustion in simulated microgravity along the normoxic curve
Experimental study of the effect of fuel thickness on opposed flow flame spread over PMMA
Extracting Lagrangian coherent structures from experimental flow fields
Fabrication and analysis of microscale aluminum foam precursor particles by use of titanium hydride
Flame spread across materials commonly used on spacecraft at varied oxygen levels and opposed flow velocity in simulated microgravity
Flame spread over thick polymethylmethacrylate samples in a simulated and actual microgravity environment
Infrared measurements of forward heat conduction in PMMA during simulated microgravity flame spread in the narrow channel apparatus