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A kinematic study of gas in the disk-halo interface using NaI and CaII absorption
A systematic investigation of exotic matter in neutron stars
An investigation of deformation of the stellar structure of neutron stars
Catching the post-shock cooling peak of SN 2016GKG with Evryscope
On Beyond Lambda:  standard single field quintessence solutions for the dark energy problem department of Astronomy
On the ultimate density of stable neutron stars
Probing the circumgalactic medium at z∼2 using close quasar pairs
Quark-hadron composition of rotating neutron stars
The Curious Case of SN 2011dn: A Very Peculiar Type IA Supernova?
The expanding photosphere method (EPM): distance calculations to 12 Type II-P Supernovae and a comparison with the Standard Candle Method