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An analysis of eucalyptus: The culturally invasive species of San Diego
Archaeology and historical ecology along the Ring of Fire: Interpreting the past to manage the future
Argentina's transforming cattle rancher : a political economic look at instability and resilience
Assessing Sensitivity and Exposure of Irrigated Agriculture to Drought in the Krishna River Basin, India
Collaborative efforts towards connectivity conservation: A case study of the Yellowstone to Yukon conservation initiative
Contextualizing late holocene subsistence change on California's northern Channel Islands: A middle period case study from Santa Cruz Island
Household preparedness levels along the San Andreas Fault
Human impacts on California mussels from the holocene to the anthropocene: Methodologies and applications in historical ecology
Local perspectives on environmental degradation and community infrastructure in Los Laureles Canyon, Tijuana, Mexico
Park ranger communication of conservation knowledge: Shaping environmental selves
Park ranger communication of conservation knowledge: Shaping environmental selves
Primates watching primates watching primates: An ethnoprimatological account of the habituation process in moor macaques (macaca maura)
Processes of protection : a review of the pathway to establish a new protected area in Baja California Sur
The Nature of stories : colonization and disintegration in Mexican history
The diet and behavior of rhesus macaques (macaca mulatta) in Silver Springs State Park, Florida
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