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Applications and adaptive extensions of Shannon sampling theorem Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Assessing variation in the dietary niche of the California Spiny Lobster Panulirus interruptus
Carbon flux in a subtropical arid mangrove ecosystem in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Characterizing the response of coralline algae to ocean acidification
Contaminants and reproductive output in a sentinel seabird, the Black skimmer (Rynchops niger)
Controls over spatial and temporal variations in annual actual evapotranspiration in snow-free California watersheds
Coral Reef Microbes: The Influences of Benthic Primary Producers, Nutrient Availability, and Anthropogenic Stressors on Community Structure and Metabolism
Degenerate four-wave mixing interfaced with capillary electrophoresis as a bioanalytical method for small molecules, peptides, and proteins
Determining sources of recharge in an urban and semi-arid aquifer: Using stable isotopes as tracers
Gull-billed tern, Gelochelidon nilotica, inter- and intra-annual variation in movements and diet in San Diego, California
Influence of diet and local oceanic conditions on California least tern reproduction
Key controls of stream temperature in Rock Creek, Oregon : implications for restoration of riparian vegetation
Mapping drought in the Krishna Basin with remote sensing
Nonlinear multi-photon laser wave-mixing spectroscopy for sensitive detection of heart-failure biomarkers and hemoprotein oxygen saturation levels
Optimizing a multi-species monitoring design : a case study from an agroecosystem
Reconstruction And Analysis Of The Global Precipitation Between 1850-2012
Sensitive standoff nonlinear spectroscopic studies of gas- and condensed-phase molecules in ambient conditions for environmental and security applications