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3D metal printed Ka-band waveguide polarizer and feed horn antenna
3π/8 offset 8PSK modulation in EDGE GSM
A signal integrity based rate adaption algorithm
A study of packet scheduling over integrated access and backhaul (IAB) nodes in 5G networks
Access control list implementation in TinyOS
Adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system for Maine affordable housing
An efficient multicast routing protocol using mesh in IEEE 802.15.5 networks
Analyzing and reducing shadow effects on the co-registration accuracy of multi-temporal aerial image pairs
Artifact removal from electroencephalogram signals using dictionary learning
Assessing the Accuracy and Repeatability of Automated Photogrammetrically Generated Digital Surface Models from Unmanned Aerial System Imagery
Asymmetric modulation of H.264/AVC compressed video using unequal error protection
Automating near real-time, post-hazard detection of crack damage to critical infrastructure
Bidirectional algorithm for fundamental frequency estimation
Body area network for studying lumbar spine kinematics
Boosting Performance and Endurance of Flash-Based Storage Systems: From Embedded Systems to Enterprise Servers
Classification of glioblastoma multiforme genomic subtypes using three-dimensional multiparametric MR imaging features
Computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel validation of a vertical axis wind turbine with deforming flaps
Delineation of new buildings in Accra, Ghana using multitemporal QuickBird satellite imagery
Design and development of reconfigurable multi-element microstrip frequency agile antenna array