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A palinspastic reconstruction of the eastern San Gabriel Mountains based on the occurrence of a middle Cenozoic dike swarm
Cultural narratives embedded in state-sponsored language arts education under authoritarian regimes: Observations from Indonesia's Soeharto era
Exploration and visualization of extensional terranes: Southwestern United States and Baja California, Mexico
Fault zone architecture of the San Jacinto fault zone in Horse Canyon, Southern California: Implications for focused fluid flow during rupture at shallow crustal levels
Fusing Geology, Geography, and Economics within a Cloud Computing Environment to Improve Natural Disaster Planning and Response Training
GIS multimedia tool about earthquakes in Japan
Geology of the Agua Caliente region, southeast Sierra San Pedro Martir, Baja California, Mexico
Haystack Mountain detachment fault, Santa Rosa Mountains, Riverside County, California
Learning outcomes of virtual field trips used for geoscience education
LiDAR and field observations of earthquake slip distribution for the central San Jacinto Fault
Magnetotelluric evidence for mid-crustal fluids in an active transpressive continental orogen, South Island, New Zealand
Molecular systematics, historical biogeography, and paedomorphic character evolution in the harvestman genus Calicina (Opiliones, Laniatores)
Phylogeography and species limits of the Aspidoscelis hyperythra complex of Baja California, Mexico
Recycled groundwater development at Harmony Grove, San Diego County, CA
Structural analysis of the San Gorgonio Pass near Banning, California, using gravity profiles
Structural geology of the eastern central Santa Rosa Mountains, Riverside, California
The Alpine tonalite - Image of a gabbroic source?