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Adult second language learners' acquisition in OSV word order with case markers in Korean
Assessing Student Learning Outcomes of Online Class Activities within a Third Semester University Flipped Spanish Classroom
Cognate effects in bilinguals with a history of developmental language disorder: Investigating word representation, processing, and metalinguistic awareness
Coherence in English as a Second Language undergraduate writing: A theme-rheme analysis
Do Spanish-English SDSU bilinguals employ code-switching and spanglish adaptations in problem-solving tasks?
Homophony and conversion (zero derivation): The durational differences of seemingly phonetically identical lexeme pairs
Instructional modification of Spanish and Italian to facilitate intercomprehension
Learners' mode preferences and willingness to communicate in face-to-face versus oral computer-mediated communication
More than Words: Lexical Processing during Sentence Comprehension in Broca's Aphasia
Perceptions of Korean dialects by Gyeongsang residents
Phonetic- and phonological-theoretic structures of the syllable: Investigating cross-linguistic syllable perception and the McGurk effect
Proform-antecedent linking in listeners with language impairments and unimpaired listeners
Sentence comprehension in aphasia: A test of the intervener hypothesis
Sonority distance preferences in developmental dyslexia: Investigating linguistic universals for application in clinical approaches
There Was... Something New! Do Information Status Constraints Guide Hearers' Expectations During Online Language Comprehension?