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3D printing of bioinspired functional microstructures for use in fog collection
A Mac layer protocol for wireless ad-hoc networks using directional antenna
A comparative study on ultra-wideband and ultrasonic technologies for Wireless Body Area Networks and healthcare
A parametric approach to Tesla turbine design for the organic rankine cycle
A smartphone-integrated, paper-microfluidic system for rapid and on-site screening of urinary tract infections
A stochastic algorithm for predicting long term cell migration in a 3D polymer matrix
A stochastic model for collective cell migration in realistic 3D extracellular matrix environments
Algal biomass harvesting using low-grade waste heat in flue gas
Ballistic manufacturing: The effect of velocity and incidence angle
Biomechanic Analysis Of Injury Mitigation Performance For Novel Helmet Design
Biomechanics of aortic valve leaflet fusion and stiffening
Catalytic water oxidation by molecular ruthenium complexes bearing multifunctional ligands
Closed-Form Moment Distribution Solution for a Simple Frame
Collaborative GIS environment for disaster management : tools and analysis
Comparative study of microwave and conventional sintering of glass metal composites
Comparison of mechanical and piezoelectric power extraction from a speed bump
Component matching for ultra-low grade thermal energy recovery operating in Organic Rankine Cycle
Computational and experimental investigation of vortex cooling of a gas turbine blade using 3-D stereo-particle image velocimetry and liquid crystals
Computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel validation of a vertical axis wind turbine with deforming flaps
Current Activated Tip Sintering Of Ni-Ti Intermetallics