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  • X = Kalyuzhnaya, Marina G.
An untargeted exploration of the Boechera depauperata heat-shock metabolome
Analysis of proteolysis of the Chikungunya virus proteome as target for antivirals
Bridging the genomic gaps: Genome-scale metabolic network tools for bioinformatics analyses
Characterization of the microbes and viruses present in the Tijuana River and Estuary to elucidate potential pathogens
Deep VCF: A prokaryotic SNP variant caller using deep neural networks
Genome assembly and annotation of Boechera depauperata
Hand-held oxidation-reduction potential meter for use as an indicator of swimming pool water quality
Identification of a contractile injection system effector that targets eukaryotic cells
Likelihood-based gap-filling of genome-scale metabolic models using K-MER distance evidence
Mechanistic studies of two tRNA modification enzymes and utilization in drug discovery
Monitoring proteolytic activity of West Nile Virus in a cell-based assay for novel drug discovery
Novel sulfide catalysts for solar fuel production
Use of a redox-responsive 4 H-Bond Ureidopyrimidone (UPy) array to control polymerization in a UPy-based supramolecular polymer
Using electron-transfer induced proton transfer to control binding strength in H-bond dimers